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Whether as a Snack, as a tasty Dessert or as a Topping for a healthy Bowl of Protein Fluff is a real all-rounder.

Just under a health Snack enthusiasts and all who want to lose weight, is the protein-very popular – he promises maximum protein content, but low in calories.

The resulting protein-rich Snack is

The protein bomb is simply out of the egg – white fails to use this, for example, with a hand mixer or whisk until stiff, the fluffy-looking mass.

This is delicious to nothing – 100 grams of pure Fluff but protein is only about 50 calories, and 11 grams.

Who is complementary to the Protein-cloud with sugar, sweeteners or various Topping, is, of course, automatically further calories in purchase.

According to the German nutrition society (DGE) should take an adult per kilogram of body weight every day, about 0.8 grams of protein – the fluffy protein mass fits so perfectly.

So easy to prepare Protein Fluff

For a Serving of Protein Fluff of approximately 100 grams, you need about three eggs – with these, you must separate the egg yolks from the egg whites.

To not wasting anything, you can use the leftover egg yolks for example for scrambled eggs or a delicious omelette with vegetables.

To see when the egg white has the perfect consistency, you can just hold the bowl after the Mixing on the head – does not dissolve the Protein Fluff, it’s perfect.

Now, creativity knows no boundaries – those who like it hearty can salts the fluffy mass.

But also various fruits, such as raspberries, blueberries, strawberries or bananas, slivered almonds, or dark chocolate, are suitable to the Protein Fluff to spice things up.

Therefore, Protein can help-Fluff when Removing

Because of the fluffy Snack contains many proteins, it can actually be with weight loss helpful.

Protein-rich foods do better in the long term satiated than carbohydrates and can help prevent food cravings.

So it is easier to resist temptation and at the same time to save calories – a moderate calorie deficit is the key to any successful acceptance.

A high protein diet also contributes to a better muscle building. This is important, because muscle mass burns a lot of calories, even in rest phases.

In addition, the Protein Fluff is a good Alternative, if one overcomes the craving for sweets – just the mass with date syrup or honey-sweet and with Toppings Refine.


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Antonia Hagedorn

*The contribution of “Food Trend: Helps Protein Fluff is really lose weight?” published by FitForFun. Contact with the executives here.