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As the holder of no less than 25 world records in powerlifting, Stefi Cohen is at the absolute top of her field, and so it makes sense that she wants to train with the best. In her latest YouTube video, Cohen and her partner, powerlifter Hayden Bowe, spend a gym session doing an EMOM workout with the U.S. Army Warrior Fitness Team.

Formed in 2018, the Warrior Fitness Team was created as a way to demonstrate the strength and functional fitness of American soldiers in a competitive setting.

Bowe goes too hard on the cardio at first, hitting a pace that won’t be sustainable for the rest of the workout. “Rookie mistake,” says Cohen. “I pace myself, like a professional.

After Cohen and Bowe join them for sets on the bike, rower and kettlebell swings, the team then make the most of having a world-class powerlifter present, and ask Cohen to impart some of her expertise. She coaches the team through the low bar back squat and sumo deadlift and offering advice that they can incorporate into their training. “We’re not going to go heavy,” she says. “The most important part of the sumo deadlift is that first inch off the ground. If you get that right, you’re more likely to make the lift, as long as you don’t have a weak spot at the top.”

The session ends with Captain Brian Harris hitting a new PR on the sumo deadlift at 500 pounds, while passerby Ian joins in and adds more and more plates to the bar, until he is lifting a new PR of 837 pounds, a whole 77 pounds over his previous max.

“For me personally, I had a very different idea of what soldiers in the U.S. Army look like, and almost was intimidated by it, I thought they were totally unapproachable,” says Cohen. “It’s awesome to just sit down and talk and realize that they’re just like you. They’re awesome.”

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