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Mothers-to-be want to make during a pregnancy, of course, nothing wrong. Especially when it comes to sports, not sparing many women, damage to the unborn child as much as possible.

Athlete and Coach Kaya Renz has already accompanied several Pregnant women on their way active. In an Interview with FIT FOR FUN, the fitness trainer told, what matters during this particular circumstances.

Movement in pregnancy continues to be desirable

“It’s about sports in Pregnant women, it is not a rule, because every woman and every pregnancy is different, of course”, one of the explanations for the fitness instructor.

“Besides, it’s a woman in the first month is very different than in the fifth or the ninth month. Therefore, it is determined approximately according to the trimesters.”

Kaya emphasizes that Pregnant women should exercise in any case, if you are well. Because of this not only on the cardiovascular system, but prepares the expectant mother to the birth.

Also, it could be a too large weight gain is prevented. “This can be after the birth of advantage, if you don’t want to remove the direct 20 or 30 pounds.”

Who has made the pregnancy a lot of sports, should remain, therefore, while necessarily more active.

In pregnancy a gear down drive

“But of course there is facts on the geachten needs to be,” stresses Kaya. So you should go over your limits and do not fully work out.

“You must pay attention as a Pregnant woman a little more. Also, the pulse should not go so high.” A heart rate monitor can help you to listen to your own body, is often sufficient but.

In addition, one must keep in mind that the body is prepared for the birth and as a result, the bones become softer, so that can stretch the pelvis.

“This also means that Pregnant women are more prone to injury,” explains Kaya. Therefore, should be deleted from the beginning of the pregnancy to large jumps out of the Workout Plan.

“Of course, light Jumps are still in order. You can also go for a run, if one has done before. But to make a Minute of Burpees, not necessarily.”

Training sessions conform to the body

Movements that can be exercised in any case, are strength training exercises such as Squats or lunges. “This is actually really good, because you can work during the speech very slowly,” explains Kaya.

“I would, of course, take as much weight as before the pregnancy. But you can perfectly pay attention to the pulse, and trained, nevertheless, all of the muscles.”

Strictly from the training plan deleted all of the Exercises that train the rectus abdominis muscles should be. “The need to be soft, so that can stretch the stomach, as soon as the Baby is spreading.”

If the stomach should be trained, it is allowed to focus only on the lateral abdominal muscles.

“On jerky sports such as Tennis, horse riding or skiing, you should leave.” The same applies to other activities with an increased risk of falling.

The body through Sport, on the birth prepare

With best to own gentle Workouts such as Yoga. “In the first Trimester, you can still make virtually any type of Yoga, the belly is coming at some point.”

From then on, only pregnancy yoga can no longer be exercised, as certain positions to work on the belly.

One or the other Flow should be found, according to Kaya but be sure to enter everyday life. “Yoga is just like Swimming – a sport that can be made in any case until the end of pregnancy and should.”

Yoga can not only help you to stay fit and active. The beneficial Training can also prepare for the birth itself.

Because Yoga and meditation exercises and breathing techniques to strengthen the body both physically and mentally and can be a remarkable support.

“Of course you never know how a birth expires,” says Kaya. “But sporty, and ausgelichene women are likely to go in with a stronger endurance in the birth.”

Sport during pregnancy: listen To your body

That Sport is also during pregnancy is wonderfully possible, has Model and Re-proven-Mama Lena Gercke in Training with Kaya Renz.

“Lena, it went during pregnancy super well,” says the Atheltin. “It is, of course, anyway, fit as a fiddle and that’s exactly how you could train with her more.”

As the belly got bigger, to fit the trainer, the Exercises: “you made no normal Jumping Jacks and more and in the Training of the abdominal muscles, we have focused on the side.”

“During the whole training, it is very important that the Pregnant also gives Feedback to the Trainer,” stresses Kaya. “If an Exercise has drawn in the belly, it will not be included in the next unit Training – this is very important.”

During the pregnancy it is therefore very important to pay attention to your own body feeling. “This also applies to pregnancy Workouts that you do on YouTube.”

If an Exercise is too strenuous or in the belly pulls, you should insert a short Pause and later re-use.

Kaya’s a General tip to all becoming mommies: “The whole sport theme a bit more relaxed to be.”

The body after birth, sparing

The idea is to have after the birth quite quickly, all the pounds down, you should adopt generally.

“After the birth of the first three to four weeks should be spent actually mostly in bed lying down. This time, one should take really,” explains Kaya.

“We want to create a good base, so that the body is not as fit as I was previously, so that we can start the Training.”

This means that The uterus needs time to pull himself back up. After these four weeks, you can start with the regression that this process is amplified again.

At the appropriate moment, start again

At some point, the responsible woman doctor gives the Go to Sport. “Then it’s right back to start!” This can be according to Kaya light Workouts – running, you should not go in the stage, however.

“It is very important for the women is that she takes the time in which the Baby sleeps, and just with slight movements starts, so it is back to everyday life.”

There it is again important to pay attention to the rectus abdominis muscles – the abdominal wall after pregnancy is still open. “That is, we train the lateral abdominal muscles, so that everything pulls together again.”

Only when the doctor gives his Okay, can be addressed in the anterior abdominal muscles – the abdomen may be opened, however, only less than two inches.

“After the birth, you should train, of course, be careful. But if the doctor ‘Go’ says, I would start right away,” says Kaya. “This can be for women also a nice feeling to take back to your self and your own body.”

Not feel any pressure

The Good news for all women who want to lose weight very quickly: “When you Breastfeed you burn a ton of calories.”

“If breastfeeding, the same time with movement, start and something on the diet, the pounds almost tumbling like of alone.”

Of course, the genes do not play a role is also underestimated. “There are women who have it go away faster, others it is slightly heavier, decrease again,” says the trainer.

“But fortunately, the company is also relaxed, so that in the case of a woman, especially if she has a child, no one more so much on the weight respects. There’s rather a lot of respect is there now.”

It is also, first and foremost, to enjoy the family happiness.

Cornelia Bertram

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