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Really thick, Jodi was never. But your figure with the little flab around the belly, legs and Po was not Jodis picture of yourself.

Exactly the no longer wanted to accept them a year ago simply: “I had reached a point where I get frustrated myself, both in my body and in my spirit, over-saturated and uncomfortable felt.”

Quickly she understood that she would have to work on your Mindset, to change that.

With much devotion they focused so, in particular, to listen more to yourself and your body, to find out what she really needed – with success!

Without following a specific diet, turned her figure slender in only 12 months in a Gert, athletic body with radiant skin that is now inhabited by a happy and balanced Jodi.

Positive Displace of bad habits

Jodi was always sporty and played like Hockey. Only her body didn’t look, because nutrition had played for, you never have a important role.

Therefore, Jodi sat down for the Start of their Transformation, first of all, the focus on healthier eating.

Without too hard rules directly re-Motivation, and tried them out, first of all in the “Clean Eating”: So no finished products more, and hardly vorverarbeitetes eat, so you don’t more around so much drum, to cook for themselves fresh.

In addition, she enrolled in a nutrition course and got acquainted with the principle of “positive displacement”.

In this concept, there are, in principle, in terms of nutrition, no bans. Instead, it’s just a matter of integrating healthier eating habits and to avoid it in a natural way some of the unhealthy habits.

“For example, instead of refined sugar and refined carbohydrates to omit completely, you just take a larger amount of whole, natural, fresh foods, and notes about how to automatically supplants refined carbohydrates and refined sugar, more and more,” says Jodi.

Jodis 30-Point Plan

Even though Jodi ate a lot healthier and even a permanent guest, was in, came the physical changes over night.

“It’s about the small steps,” she says on Instagram and gives your followers a glimpse into your 30-point Plan, which helped her to stay on.

In the first place self-love is there: “and kind with yourself” followed by “take your time”, “routines train”, “patience” and “discipline”.

But also some Reminder that you might not immediately think of, can be found there, such as “with people around you who support your own projects” or to “focus on the things that you can, and not to the one that you can’t” and “small wins” to celebrate.

With the right Mindset by starting

In more than half of Jodis listed points, especially about the own way of thinking things.

So she lets the readers under your Post know: “images are only a 2D representation of a journey, but mine was so much more than that, and much of it revolved around my Mindset.”

Since you managed to be so successful in themselves, would like to your experience and her accumulated Knowledge soon professionally with other parts.

“I’m just training to be a health coach, then the insights from my personal transformation journey in a positive, uplifting and non-judgmental way with a focus on self-love and self-care,” she says on the instagram page of ‘weight loss transformation’.

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