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Even experienced athletes, it happens sometimes: You come in the evening from the Sport home and is too tired and exhausted to prepare food or you simply don’t feel like cooking.

From time to time omit a meal, is not a big Problem. However, you should treat yourself after the workout, at least a Snack.

But, what can happen, if you missed his Post-Workout Snack? Sports medicine specialist Jennifer Beck verrietim Interview with ‘Self’, what are the consequences of this habit for the body.

Therefore, a meal after the Sport is so important

Beck, it may be, especially for strength athletes, dangerous, to eat a little. After all, who does not allow his body after the Workout is sufficient rest – for example, a healthy diet, the risk of injury.

After exercise the body demands proteins, and carbs. A protein-rich meal supports the Regeneration and growth of muscles.

At the same time, muscle soreness is prevented. High-quality carbohydrates give energy, keep blood sugar levels constant and prevent food cravings.

“Some people are just tired, others feel disoriented, if youur blood sugar levels are low,” says Beck. To avoid this, she advises to eat after each sport unit, a trifle.

These Snacks recommends an expert

And fix cooked sweet potatoes with cottage cheese, whole-grain bread with Erdnussmus or Turkey breast are recommended, according to Beck. These Snacks also contain plenty of electrolytes and minerals that the body needs to keep muscles and nerves intact.

“After a particularly strenuous Workout, it is also important to provide the body with sufficient Calcium, potassium, and salt,” explains the expert. When sweating, the body loses valuable minerals that should be supplied with a healthy diet again.

Who makes the food after the sports more often fail, only a Hypo of the body, not threatening, however. In rare cases, a deficiency of electrolytes can lead to the fact that electrical impulses can not be redirected in the body. The favors in the result of the emergence of cardiac arrhythmias.

In addition, care should be taken to drink both during and after the Workout, plenty of water. “This is the most Important after the Workout,” the sports medicine specialist.

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