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A bacterial infection with Borrelia bacteria is the most common result of a tick trick. In some areas, every second of the small spiders animals is carrying the germ. They solve the (Lyme) disease, which can have serious consequences.

Justin Bieber is not the whiny pop star who had approved in the spring of 2019, a longer time-out, in the last few months, very not bad looked, and, therefore, of the many sides of drug use was suspected. The 25-year-old canadian is seriously ill, how he to the 8. January, announced on Instagram: an infection that is transmitted by ticks had been Recently diagnosed Lyme disease. The singer said in the Post that his disease was “incurable”, that he was now in treatment and his health problems the last two years to overcome.

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The singer, who is noticed more often by eccentric behavior, perhaps exaggerating? Or Lyme disease, including Lyme disease called, really so dangerous? Here are the facts:

What is Lyme disease?

It is a bacterial infection caused by various species of Borrelia. Carriers of the bacteria are ticks, especially. You can transfer the pathogens, if they are (almost always unnoticed) be evacuated pierce the skin, with the blood of the Engraved full. Of the Affected does not notice anything, when he discovered the tick(n) randomly on the skin. First symptoms of infection to make, at the earliest, after a week of noticeable, often after a month.

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There is a difference between Lyme disease and Lyme disease?

The terms Lyme disease and Lyme disease are often used interchangeably, and rarely is spoken in the German language, of the Lyme disease. Actually, Lyme disease is the Umbrella term for all infections by Borrelia. In the United States, the term “Lyme disease” for disease by, after the town of Lyme in Connecticut, in 1975 for the first time, joint inflammation have been observed after tick bites. Lyme disease is transmitted by the bacteria “Borrelia burgdorferi”. He is in the US, most often for Lyme disease in Europe, other Borrelia species are infectious.

How, where and when is it transmitted?

In Germany, every second or third tick is considered to be infected with Borrelia. The regions are differently affected. In the spring, and in summer, the risk of infection is particularly high, for example, if someone is walking with bare skin through high Grass. Ticks are in grass, in bushes, in gardens, Parks, meadows and forests. You are more likely to live close to the ground and climb up to 120 centimeters high on grasses and shrubs. You are not covered by trees, as it used to be called often.  

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What indicates the infection?

Lyme disease shows up as the first of the so-called wall redness, an annular spreading skin redness around the tick bite. Other symptoms may be muscle and joint pain as well as fever. The Insidious: it’s Not always the typical red Ring shows, a slight reddening of the skin is often overlooked, or for a rash kept. Fever and pain and could also fit to a flu-like infection.

What are the consequences of Lyme disease?

The Lyme disease is not treated, can harm the bacteria in the long term, the nervous system and the joints. It comes to chronic joint or nerve inflammation. A late characteristic Symptom of the chronic skin inflammation Akrodermatitis chronica atrophicans (ACA), which is shown as a large area of redness is.

How is Lyme disease treated?

The disease is discovered early, treat it well with a simple antibiotics and after a few days in the past.

It is more difficult if the infection, the longer the time goes unnoticed. On the skin is to see nothing more. The symptoms of fatigue, night sweats, muscle and joint pain can have many different causes. An intravenous antibiotic therapy will begin the doctor but only when a definite diagnosis after exclusion of other diseases. Also in the case of advanced disease are able to recover the patient completely. But this can take months.

How can I protect against Lyme disease?

Against Lyme disease there is no vaccine. It is best to avoid tick bites. For stays in the nature of Anti-protect-ticks, medium, long pants, the Ends of which are stuck in the socks. After the return of the body should be searched for ticks. They prefer warm Places such as armpits, belly, backs of the knees or Groin.

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