Symptoms of prednisone withdrawal

In order to improve physical performance through targeted muscle, it requires regular, forderner training sessions.

Thus, the Training can also unfold its full effect, is, in addition to a nutritious diet, an appropriate regeneration phase, rich is also essential, but especially in the case of Amateur athletes, this is often too short.

Antioxidants to support muscle healing

What many people do not know: antioxidant-rich foods can assist in the healing of the muscles by protecting the cells after the workout against free Radicals.

These are particularly reactive molecules, which are due to a missing electron is very unstable.

Searching for reaction partners, the infected cells and their components can trigger Oxidation. Then, the damaged molecules go to the electron catching a nasty chain reaction that weakens the body.

In order to support the organism in this respect, access athletes to high-dose antioxidant supplements – however, these expensive methods are not recommended really.

Because the body can absorb the antioxidants in natural foods.

In addition to bilberries or Acerola, stuck in the sour cherry enormous amount of antioxidants.

Better blood values with cherry juice

Several studies confirm the positive effect of the delicious stone fruit on the Regeneration of athletes – including a study of the Northumbria University in the UK to 16 well-trained male cyclists.

Within the study period of seven days, the subjects were given in the context of a high-intensity bike training twice a day a drink.

This was either a concentrate of the Montmorency cherry, which gave the athletes the healthy ingredients from around 90 of the fruit, or a Placebo.

The sportsmen’s blood samples at the end of the week clearly showed The inflammatory and oxidative Stress markers were lower for the subjects receiving the right juice significantly lower than those from the control group.

Fast muscle recovery thanks to antioxidants

With these values, the study confirms a pre-geganene study from the year 2009. In this, scientists had accompanied the runner of a marathon, were also Kirschaft themselves.

Here, too, the positive effect of the ingredients: muscle pain and muscle soreness showed up in the running were significantly reduced.

These healing properties of cherry concentrate (also available in tablet form) may be due to the high content of certain phytochemicals. It also includes anthocyanins and Quercetin include, in addition to vitamins C, E and carotenoids.

No matter whether you are an Amateur athlete or a Pro – one or the other glass of juice can damage in any way.


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Cornelia Bertram

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