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Even if a FIT-FOR-FUN survey showed recently that women especially have increased as a result of the Lockdown, appears to be the Corona to the crisis but generally positive effects on the health of many Germans.

In spite of the restriction of the movement possibilities in times of have made it the Germans, apparently, to remain with alternative sports fit.

The analysis of the company ‘Withings’, which is evaluated on their Wearables, which tracked the health data of 200,000 users in Germany.

Germany is moving in the Corona-crisis more

While in Spain, the daily number of steps, 41 per cent have fallen, and in Italy and France, to around 27 percent, move the Withings users in Germany, no less than before the Lockdown, you complete even 1 percent more steps than usual.

That Germany is performing in comparison to other countries, much better, is probably due to the lock on the comparatively looser output.

This is because, unlike in many other countries, the Germans were not allowed to leave, only to buy the house, but also parks to visit and furthermore, individual sport.

In addition, many people seem to according to the analysis, some of the “new” sports to be discovered.

In addition to Yoga, especially Outdoor activities such as Hiking, Jogging, and Cycling in the Trend came in. Especially Cycling has a huge increase in the number of cyclists has risen by Double.

The Corona-crisis does not make you fat – but all

In spite of the sporty eagerness of the German population, there was, nevertheless, increased weight gains.

So Withings ‘indicates that more than a third of the Germans since the beginning of the Corona-measures has increased 500 grams or more – this analysis is consistent with the results of the FIT-FOR-FUN survey.

Among the 20,000 analyzed users of the Withings devices, the tracked individuals were, however, in average, only 188 grams.

This could be due to the fact that the users of health trackers, your body weight may have a little more control than the Rest of the population.

However, were represented in the investigated users, with 58% more men, which could explain the drifting Apart of the data.

According to the FIT FOR FUN representative study, men have, in contrast to women – about the Corona – crisis rather than an increase.

Corona-crisis provides further improvements

That Bars and Nightclubs must remain closed, at least appears to be a public health benefit.

Not only the sleeping-balanced, and therefore healthier become is behavior, because the time to go to the users on the weekend and the days to bed has to be aligned.

Even the heart benefits from the lack of Party antics on the weekend – and not just in Germany.

Have been observed prior to the Lockdown in the average heart rate will always be slight rashes to the top, which were probably due to increased alcohol consumption, beat to the heart of Europe now consistently a little more comfortable.

Larissa Bright Mouth

*The post “More steps, new kinds of sports: German life during the Corona-crisis-healthier” is published by FitForFun. Contact with the executives here.