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Good sleep is great for asthmatics, apparently, very important: A new US study shows that people who slept regularly little, had suffered in the previous year more often under attacks of asthma and dry cough.

A survey among 1.389 adult asthmatics revealed that the majority of them (65.9 percent) slept six to eight hours. About a quarter was, however, a shorter regular sleep duration, and there had been seizures in the past year, increased numbers of asthma (59 percent compared to 45 percent). Also dry cough and night-time hospital admissions had occurred in them more often. They also reported that their quality of life was affected on more days than in asthmatics with a normal sleep duration of six to eight hours. The survey results are in the journal "Annals of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology" published.

Sleeping too much is also not healthy

Among the long sleepers, who slept regularly in nine or more hours, there was also something more asthma attacks (51 percent compared to 45 percent), and they were limited due to shortness of breath more often in their activity. "Sleep disorders in asthma patients can be a red Flag that indicates that the Asthma ist&quot under control;, Prof. Dr. Gailen D. Marshall, editor-in-chief of the scientific journal said. "This study underlines that asthma patients sleep should discuss problems with your allergist to determine if your asthma treatment needs to be changed, in order to achieve an adequate quality of sleep. She also warns that consequences are to be expected, if sleep patterns are chronically ill.