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Sport clothes, towel and shower gel already in the basic equipment for the Gym seems to be complete. For many Amateur athletes headphones are at least as important as sports shoes, because to train without music, is not an option for you.

A new study is now behind all of the music fond athletes: based on several Thousand test subjects could actually be a formative influence of music on the workout found.

Music as allowed Doping during Training

For the new study at the University of Southern Queensland in Australia, the researchers used 139 already existing research results, the effect of music during exercise on athletic Performance set out had been.

Were, with the exception of sports, which are in a direct relation to the music, such as Dance, Gymnastics or ice skating.

The Team of Professor Peter Terry, Dean of research and Innovation at the University of Southern Queensland, difference between the four effects, which could have music on the Training: psychological responses, physiological responses, psychological reactions and a change in the sporting achievements.

Based on a total of 3,599 K participants, the researchers were able to draw striking conclusions.

Because, very clearly, was that sport can help learning in fact, for the achievement of their physical objectives of music to motivate.

Music acts like a natural Doping.

In the same Beat, it trained better

“It will probably be a surprise to anyone that music helps people feel during the training, positive … [but] the fact that music improves the performance considerably, it will surprise some people,” explains Terry the results.

Not only the efficiency is improved by music, the sports, the perceived effort is less, and the oxygen uptake becomes more efficient.

Photo gallery: 15 motivational athlete quotes, for stay tuned – for the case that the music should fail.

To be able to this advantage, however, it is important that the music and the Training match for each other.

Fast training units must accordingly also in the fleets of the rhythms in the music to reflect 120 Beats per Minute, and more should be the Minimum to get in.


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