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Children do not need to move necessarily long in order to be healthy – the decisive factor is the intensity of the movement is more likely. This has been established by researchers at the University of Halle-Wittenberg, Germany in a Test of modern fitness methods in the school sports.

The so-called high-intensity interval training (HIIT as the acronym for High Intensity Interval Training) or else actually, in the sports of adult. Children benefit but, apparently, as well.

The idea of interval training is to do instead of long continuous loads rather short and intensive units, rest breaks included. This corresponds exactly to the movement behaviour of children, the researchers explain:

Finally, these are more likely not for Jogging, but sprinting and stand alternately at the football or Catch in the Playground or the schoolyard, for example.

School sports-Experiment with third graders

For their Experiment, the researchers transferred this form of exercise in the regular school sports: 20 minutes long and the participating third-graders completed a playful interval training with Sprints and circle units, as well as rest breaks, often connected with music or choreography.

Sport, ultimately, will make fun. Results showed after three months: The endurance capacity and the blood pressure of the participating children improved significantly.

The researchers assume, therefore, that with this training, but also health problems in adulthood forms prevent: anyone Who has even as a child, high blood pressure, often has to fight as an adult in order to.


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