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A world without Online Dating, you can not imagine almost. Most of the it easier to platforms such as Parship and co. to reach out to others and potential partners to meet.

However, while offline is a nice Smile or a good charisma can range, you can not leave the Online Dating to the fact.

Single expert and Parship Coach Eric Hegmann explains: “The overall impression must be authentic and coherent”. In addition to the user profile, especially the first messages are critical.

In a survey of more than 4,100 partner seekers Parship has been tested on the basis of the responses of male and female Singles, which is suitable as a first message at an Online Flirt particularly.

Top 3: The men and women of good

In the case of the three favorites of men and women agreed.

A question to start a conversation, find 92 percent. This quickly leads to a fluid conversation and expresses interest in the Opposite.

The conversation based on the initial Information from the user profile, are also 92 percent of the respondents to answer willing.

Because even those who have studied the profile thoroughly, shows interest in more than just the optics.

Also popular is the disclosure of personal Information. This suggests the serious intention of getting to know each other and not just be superficial exchange opportunities. Also, the trust that is granted here, is not to be underestimated in its effect.

Online flirting: So please don’t!

Neither the male nor the female seekers find it particularly tingly with a simple “Hey” written.

While among the women this pardon, however, only 21 percent are at least 34 percent of the men would still respond.

Smileys and Emojis don’t seem to be suitable also for the way to Start a conversation. Only 31 percent of men think it’s okay – and only 20 percent of women.

Really underground women find, however, typical pick-up lines. Just three per cent of the female Singles are impressed.

Also of plans for the future, women want to hear according to the survey, the Conversation starter, nothing: Only 19 percent of the responses to these messages.

Men seem to generally be gracious with regard to the Flirting started. But also for the future to come plans and pick-up lines of the tested chat beginning at the worst.

A compliment or a joke, but always – or not?

Compliments and Humor to come in line with expectations. About 70 percent of the respondents evaluate it positively, when you’re trying to make you Laugh, and even 80 percent are happy about a nice comment on Conversation starter.

The three most popular conversation of his staircase, the duration of burner does not come, however.

The next Online Flirt, it means: The profile thoroughly study and with an appropriate question of interest To declare.


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