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Who has set in the head, finally a few extra Kilos to get rid of, would like to reach the destination quickly and in a sustainable manner.

More sleep, eat certain foods, or carbohydrates, and co. abandon the diets and advice for losing weight there are as the Sand of the sea.

Often, these recommendations convey false ideas of a successful acceptance. The frustrated and often opposite effects.

Nutrition expert, Abby Long to clarify to the online magazine ‘Self’, what are the diet tips you should pay in the future no attention.

1. 5 kilos in 5 weeks

Many diets promise a concrete loss of weight in a certain period of time. These promises, however, are to be treated with caution.

Each person is different in terms of genetics, life circumstances, activity levels and preferences, making it impossible to predict how much weight you will lose as a result of a diet.

Even if someone manages to lose in a certain time, a certain number of Kilos, does not have this scale for each Person.

It is much more important to focus on how healthy and complete a diet plan, one should pay attention, according to Abby Long, that you feel good and the diet also brings sustainable success.

Tips that are intended only for a fast Slimming, you should not take according to the expert, dear to the heart, and better long-term nutrition plan to follow.

2. Not necessarily on sugar, carbs, and co. abandon

Of course there are some people who cannot tolerate certain foods and that is why a particular diet prefer.

Most people, however, have no Problem with legumes, cereals, or sugar in healthy foods.

It is unnecessary and makes at the same time, is also unhappy, to remove these foods from the diet, if you are for the physical health harmless.

The more full-value nutrition diet contains, the healthier it is and the easier the diet will pull through. In addition, the emotional health is important. The expert also advises that diets that restrict in a life or fear and a bad Conscience when eating, should be avoided.

3. Superfoods compensate for an unhealthy diet

Superfoods like Matcha, turmeric, Avocado, and pomegranate are considered to be very healthy – and they are. To integrate them in a healthy diet, is not so fundamentally wrong.

However, you should make sure that you are not able to make the less healthy aspects of your diet to undo or compensate for. And although they taste super yummy, they make unhealthy food not healthier – magic forces Superfoods have not yet, unfortunately.

In order to unfold the full power of this special food, we recommend Abby Long, his diet is completely nutrient – and varied, to change.

Antonia Hagedorn

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