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Already in the beginning of January, the Robert Koch Institute announced in its weekly report: influenza wave 2020 has begun.

The latest Figures show that currently, more and more people in Germany fall ill with the Influenza – the Flu epidemic is so hardworking on the rise.

Greatly increased Influenza activity

Since the beginning of the flu season in October is now 35.712 Influenza were confirmed cases. 57 diseases were fatal.

The activity of the respiratory diseases increases more and more. Compared to the previous week, the patients, with the Numbers of 7.769 on 14.168 almost doubled – similar to that in the previous year.

Thus, the Influenza activity increased in many regions. The focal points of the current wave of Infection are, especially in the West of the country, Bavaria and Saxony.

With Hygiene against the virus

Who is yet spared and in the next few weeks, like to stay healthy, you should pay particular attention to good hand hygiene.

Because the influenza virus namely especially on the hands and objects that are touched by many people – door handles and handrails, for example.

The drive-handle in the face, the virus enters finally to the mucous membranes. Prevents the can wash by regular, thorough hands.

This means With soap and for at least 20 seconds. Also, it can’t hurt to disinfect the surface of the Smartphones on a regular basis.

Home action can be taken against the viruses by regularly kitchen and bathroom to be cleaned. Also a decent air can help.


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Cornelia Bertram

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