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In the Corona-crisis, a number of conspiracy theories circulating. And sometimes, it may happen that even family members or friends crude theories in common Whatsapp-spread groups.

What is the right way to deal with such a Situation?

For all the outrage, a friendly tone is recommended first of all: “as soon As the tone is gruff, lost is actually everything,” says Sebastian Herrmann, who has written a book on the topic.

A Person close to sharing a questionable Video in a Whatsapp group, you should not comment on this in the group, but direct discussions are looking for.

In the group is, at best, be allowed to note that contributions to such a complex hang Together in a Whatsapp group to be spread.

If a direct message is not possible, you should just stay out of the debate.

Understanding Arguments

It is also useful to find Common ground with the Opposite and in this way the approach it.

For example, you could open the conversation with the remark that you want to do on the subject of thoughts and like to talk about it.

In the next step, you could not tell at what point it is of the same opinion and then explain. Helpful about a word of praise to the beginning of the conversation was. “It must of course not be a lie,” says Herrmann.

You could emphasize, for example, what arguments you liked before doesn’t explain what points you disagree with.

Personal interview are looking for

In principle, the personal interview is always preferable to the written word: “A voice that restores emotional closeness, you get in-between shades,” says Herrmann.

Especially in the case of discussions by E-Mail, the potential for conflict is particularly high.

“The more trust between two people, the more you can change an attitude about something,” says Herrmann. It is not facts that change our opinions, but friendships were.

However, not everyone is accessible to such well-intentioned approaches: “With the concrete heads, you don’t need to discuss,” says Herrmann with views of ideologues, the present their views to a large audience on the Internet.

The Silence of a stupid idea is the Best thing to do. Because that’s what these people feared most.

Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa)

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