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For a long time the African continent was a white stain on the Corona-world map. While the Virus was spreading in Asia and then in Europe, reported Africa, only very low Numbers of Infected. But this has changed: In the 38 States of the continent, there are now cases of Sars-CoV-2. On Saturday, the Congo and Zimbabwe reported their first deaths from the disease.

In the last week, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, head of the world health organization (WHO) warned that Africa should “Wake up” in the fight against Corona. “The best advice to Africa is to prepare for the worst, and starting today,” said Tedros, who hails from Eritrea. So far, the reported Numbers from Africa is still manageable: According to the John Hopkins University are in South Africa currently (as of 22.03.2020), more than 240 people to the Coronavirus ill, in Egypt there are 294, ten of them died. In Algeria, there are 139 cases and 15 deaths.

Low numbers of cases of Corona in Africa

The comparatively small number of cases deceptive figures, because experts believe that it is not necessarily fewer people are ill, but simply too little is tested. The number of unreported cases of Infected by the sun, therefore, very high. And: The average age on the continent could also play a role in the so far very low case numbers. In the case of children and younger people are often more mild disease have been observed gradients. It could be that younger people are infected, without you having to appear as Diseased in the statistics.


Virologist Christian Drosten: "I don’t think we will again in the foreseeable future football stadiums full machen"

The chief virologist of the Charité Christian Drosten has been in crisis to the most sought-after man in the Republic. We asked him: How Germany is set up? How drastically the limitations be? And he is afraid for his family?

In order to prevent the spread of the Virus, respond to the countries. In the metropolis of Lagos, the schools was closed. Also in South Africa, the schools are closed, major events canceled and travel is restricted. South African President Cyril Ramaphosa said in a televised speech of a “national disaster”.

The German virologist Drosten looks with concern to Africa. “In the countries of Africa will occur this summer in the Peak of the infections. I don’t like to imagine what images you will see. We are yet to experience, that people die on the roads in Africa. The Situation is bad, very bad,” he said in a starInterview (The whole interview can be read here).

"We and Corona"

"A curfew has Nebenwirkungen"

Background the sometimes desolate health care in many African countries. Especially in Slums on the outskirts of the big cities, people live in a confined space, the access to clean water is a Problem. “If the Virus has found its way into the Slums,” the city of Cape town health economist Susan Cleary, “then it will come to the catastrophe,” reported the “daily mirror”. So Kenya, a country with around 50 million inhabitants and has, just over 130 intensive care beds. For comparison: In Germany there are over 28,000.

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