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The first Date. No other thing is so wonderfully beautiful and exciting in a very special way so unsettling.

And although each Person is a beautiful, romantic first Meeting pictures, there are a variety of things that can feel embarrassing.

Influence on the course of the Dates

Started by the right greeting – a hug, handshake or kiss on the cheek? – the unpleasant Silence, because suddenly, the conversation topics are assumed.

A lot of things that happen on a Date, in advance not to plan or even prevent it. But on one thing both sides have, fortunately, the influence of the Location.

What appears actually as a simple selection task, can nevertheless sometimes go Tits-up. The following five places you should avoid for the first Date dear.

1. Safe is safe

The most Important thing first: no Matter what gender the other Person, the first Date should always take place in a public place.

What should be obvious: This is especially true for people you met online.

The Meeting should run from the rudder, not the Opposite then at least on important personal information such as private or work address.

2. The Party of a friend

A relaxed house party may seem in the first Moment nice, but the probability that only one of the two people has been really fun thing, is very large

If you can’t have the same circle of friends, will be a Person more or less as an “appendage” to it.

Of course you can understand yourself as a different Person, great with other people, but the actual idea of a first date – a little togetherness – is lost here.

3. Watch a movie

Previously, the typical Date-place was the dark cinema is probably par excellence. But why actually?

One learns almost nothing about his Opposite number, can’t communicate most of the time and paid for at the current prices there is also a small fortune.

4. Swimming pool or Sauna

Together in the summer to plant in the Pool or lake that does not appear quite so abwägig. Bare right at the first Meeting, almost completely, for many people, however far outside of the Comfort Zone.

Even if there is nothing on the body, for a Person to be ashamed of, that would be a lot of naked skin, with safety the attention from what is Essential to be diverted to the character.

The swimming pool or the Sauna, you can visit of course at later Meetings still. So right at the beginning would, however, probably lost more of the stimuli.

5. Family visit

The first Date is a mutual Sniff. Fit interests? The sense of Humor right? What about the harmony?

To find out, it requires probably more than just a Meeting. However, on the following Dates, it will not come probably at all, if the beloved or the parents, grandma and aunt is full of questions.

Family can make for relatives to be boring or uncomfortable – a hitherto casual acquaintance, you can’t expect the so hardly.

Cornelia Bertram

*The contribution of “romance, anyone?: The five worst places for a first Date” published by FitForFun. Contact with the executives here.