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This Thursday, Europe has tried, once again, to demonstrate, in a crisis flag. In Brussels, the European Parliament has met, however, and the extent of the crisis shows, in a very special way: Many of the members were not there at all, because they are sitting in their home countries. Have you traced the session via video stream and by E-Mail vote. Also, the heads of state and government met again today to discuss rescue measures, also via video conference. Video summit that is now. All of this sounds good. What remains in this crisis, indeed, of Europe, of the European Union? The first reaction was everywhere: We can make the borders tight, we’ll take care of us. Germany first. This was the hour of the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, or of Emmanuel Macron, the French President, but not of the EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen. “As Europe had to really be there for each other, have thought a lot initially only to themselves,” said von der Leyen today.

Measures and the Teachings

Hong Kong, Singapore & Co masters Corona much better than we – what can we learn from them?

What is happening in our neighbouring countries, especially in France, Germany’s most important Partner in Europe? Europe Is Coming Apart? And what solidarity means now? This and much more speaks of the Journalist, author, and France-expert, Ulrich Wickert, in “We and Corona“, the daily Podcast of stern and RTL. Wickert describes how closely the output of lock in France is handled, he describes the reactions of his French friends, and explains how it comes that the French President, Macron has declared the Virus “the war”. But Wickert explains why he is not Convinced that Europe falls apart, that the solidarity between the European States is not at the end.

The former “daily issues”-presenter also talks about what are the previous crises – the nuclear reactor accident in Chernobyl in 1986 or the attacks on the World Trade Center in New York in 2001 – from the Corona to distinguish crisis. And he explains the meaning of solidarity, and specifically in Germany, also between generations. “People who belong to the risk group, need to maybe hold back a little more so that the others back to work and a more normal life,” says Wickert.

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