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In times of crisis, people often don’t know whom you believe in what you do and what you should leave. Then the hour of the populists, the Rauner and Abwinker beats.

In the past few days about the lung doctor and former member of Parliament of the SPD, Wolfgang Wodarg made hear with steep theses on the novel Coronavirus of.

Interviews with him on Youtube have been viewed millions of times. Some of his statements in the fact check.


The Virus is perhaps not so new. You could not know, “whether in Beijing or in Italy earlier these viruses were present.” You can search for “never after and never after sought.”


The Virus is occurred according to the consensus view of researchers recently for the first Time in humans.


How new exactly is Sars-CoV-2, it is hard to say. However, researchers doubt that it was the Virus years before the first cases of the disease in China, “at most, a few months before the discovery in December,” estimates of the Frankfurt virologist Martin striker.

“If this Virus is already in Italy or China, you would have detected the Diseased, the negative impact on the well-known respiratory pathogen, and had searched for the new pathogen – like in December in China,” says Stephan Becker from the Institute for Virology at the University of Marburg.

Further evidence that it is a new, rapidly-spreading pathogen is, according to the member of the management Board of the German society for infectiology, Jörg Janne Vehreschild, the data on the course of disease.

In most statistics, about two weeks after the increase was to be paid in the case to also see a rise in the mortality figures. The Virus would have been widespread from the outset in the population as a whole, would be the patterns of another.


The was developed in Germany, the Corona Test is not validated “again.”

He could possibly respond to many of the virus-positive, not only on the novel Sars-CoV-2. Wodarg suggests that you make a Hype about the Coronavirus, so that researchers with the Tests could earn money.


The Tests were validated in a sort of simplified procedures, to be quickly available. You do not or no longer respond to a number of viruses, except for the novel Coronavirus this occur in humans.

The cost for a Test to carry health insurance.


A Test on the novel Coronavirus was developed by a Team led by virologist Christian Drosten at the Berlin Charité. In a clinical study, the researchers tested, scientists, first to various types of viruses.

After the discovery of the Virus sequence of Sars-CoV-2 the Team selected from the plurality of Tests, the most suitable and carried out in collaboration with scientists from Rotterdam, Hong Kong and London for further studies.

So far, the Test is validated only on a provisional basis. It also has to do with the current urgency.

Martin Walger, managing Director of the Association of the Diagnostics industry (VDGH), said the ‘world’ in January: “In an acute hazard situation as it is now, it would take much too long to bring a trial in the traditional way on the market.”

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The Test is also in other virus-positive, this Information was misleading, says Drosten in a Podcast of the NDR.

Because these viruses emerge only in the case of bats, or no longer exist such as the old Sars Virus in 2002. “This Test reacts against no other Coronavirus of the people and against no other common cold virus of humans.”

The Tests Sars-CoV-2 to be invoiced as usual in accordance with the fee regulations of the statutory or private health insurance. Drosten itself has made it clear: “We will not earn a penny, on the contrary: We pay very much.”


The corona of the crisis was a “Hype”. The hospitals would be burdened “by the many questions and through the panic, but not by new cases of disease.”

It is frivolous and unjustified quarantine were “measures and prohibition regulations” in force – and “against unreasonable deprivation of liberty should be fighting back.”


These assertions contradict the findings of researchers around the world. They are also backed by the reports from countries in which high numbers of cases are listed, such as Italy.

To carry out administrative measures can jeopardize the health and may be punishable by law.


Anyone who has read in the past few days, reports from the North of Italy, the white: The people in the hospitals of Bergamo or Brescia to die is not to panic or open-ended questions, but in very many cases Covid-19.

How high is the share of Covid-19-is Diseased, the dying, only after the end of the pandemic to calculate precisely. He is expected to be according to the WHO, in a few tenths of a percent, so in just a few cases out of a Thousand.

The big Problem with Covid-19 the relatively high proportion of Diseased, in need of intensive medical care is. The case will be kept therefore by the current arrangements at any time as low as possible, in order to relieve the intensive care units.

The virologist striker holds – as well as his colleagues – the approach in the present Situation, is appropriate. “If we are not careful now, we get to the ICU conditions, such as, in part, in Italy. Then Doctors would have to decide whom you want to give a bed on the intensive care unit and who was not.”

Dangerous a call to set up against a “nonsensical” deprivation of liberty “to defend”, by the way, not only for health reasons.

Who is an arrangement to quarantine or a possible curfew to resist, he might incur a penalty.

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