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I have it already and not realize it? I’m feverish or is just me warm? These questions are currently a lot of people. The Coronavirus puts us on alert. Because of the wide difference in the expression of the Virus makes it hard to grasp: While still 80 percent of the mild feel to no symptoms, suffer other Ill severe to fatal illness.

Dangerous especially people who carry the corona virus in itself, but nothing to remember and it goes unnoticed spread. Therefore, the desire for a Corona Test will always have greater-mouth sample, clarity. The promise of the first self-tests, which are expected to soon arrive in the pharmacies. But how safe are their results really are? There was the virologist Prof. Christian Drosten of the NDR Podcast.

What is Corona-antibody Tests from pharmacies?

“The Format of a pregnancy test,” describes how to Drosten, the anti-body tests, which will now come mainly from Asia. This initially sounds like a simple Format, the virologist, however, sees two problems. One was the high error rate, the other is the measurement itself: “We are testing here on the Virus, but we test for the antibodies,” explains Prof. Drosten. Which are, in turn, in the case of patients, however, only after a week or even ten days undetectable.

The antibody Tests for the Coronavirus could be negative – although you are infected. In the end, the result would raise more questions instead of answers. So: Even if we get in the pharmacies soon quick tests on Corona-anti-body, we should remain critical. Who would like to be sure, the Prof. advises Drosten finally, you should always speak with his doctor – via phone, not on-site.

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