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Elderly people over 60 years should get pneumococcal and every year a new flu vaccine. Because of the small pinch not only protects against pneumonia and Influenza.

Also, the risk of stroke and heart attack can significantly be reduced.

The Institute for infection medicine, University hospital Jena points.

The reason: due to pneumococcal or influenza virus-induced disease of the respiratory tract may cause in the Interaction with other factors, a closure of the coronary and cerebral vessels.

Flu can trigger heart attack or stroke

And of this Vascular occlusion is the cause of heart attack or stroke. Therefore, it is increased after a pneumonia or flu, the risk of heart attack and stroke – some days, at the stroke even for a week.

The older the patient, the greater the connection.

The Standing Committee on vaccination (Stiko) at the Robert Koch-Institute (RKI) recommends a vaccination against pneumococcus and influenza, in principle, all people from the age of 60. The flu shot must be repeated every year.

And also the protection of the pneumococcal vaccine is limited – the Stiko recommends vaccination, therefore, to Repeat with a time interval of at least six years. Otherwise, the risk of severe side effects increases.

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