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Nearly 290,000 Infected and 45,000 Dead: No country in Europe is more affected by the corona of a crisis than the UK. Only through hard limitations, the infection could be contained to happen in the United Kingdom. While the usual daily returns there, too, gradually, Recently opened under a large number of traditional Pubs back in their doors, but all too much the reins are loosened for the time being. Prime Minister Boris Johnson is considering the introduction of a more stringent Mask requirement. It should not now come to a new, larger outbreaks in other countries, the 56-Year-old.

Experts expect a “difficult Winter”

Because even though it may seem to many citizens, the corona crisis is far from over. The number of new infections in Britain is still at 500 to 600 per day – and thus higher than in Germany. Accordingly, concerned health experts look to the fall and Winter. British media reported that Ministers were instructed to re-increase of Coronavirus cases in this Winter.

The English Patient

Corona and the Brexit hard to hit the UK – but behind the Chaos, calculus is

Background of the forecast: The scientific advisers to the government should be “strong” evidence that the Virus is spreading at a temperature of about four degrees Celsius is optimal and up to ten times longer survives. As the traditional Flu season already is great pressure on the British health system (NHS) charged with fear, some with a “difficult Winter”.

What that means is currently in the Australian metropolis of Melbourne, where Winter is. This week was imposed a second barrier for the more than four million inhabitants.

Traceability has to work “error-free”

Currently, many people with friends and family in Parks and gardens to keep, you can eat on the outdoor terraces of the Restaurants or basking in compliance with the distance at the beach. In the Winter, it draws people in closed spaces, which increases the risk of Transmission.

“It’s really important that people prepare for the challenges that will undoubtedly with time”, said a senior official of the “Daily Mail”. Currently, the focus is to identify local outbreaks and to immediately curb – last week have been imposed in the city of Leicester, stricter curfews, after the number of the Corona is increased infections due to textile factories with poor working conditions in the height. A similar strategy, the Federal government also pursued, as is the case of the Tönnies plant in Rheda-showed Wiedenbrück.

The total should pay in the direction of the fall, however, rise, “I would expect that I need to introduce some national measures,” said a high, unnamed official. In his opinion, the testing and tracking strategy, the government would have to work until the fall of “error-free”.

The data from the Office for National Statistics show that at present, about 14,000 people in England have the Virus. In order to be with a possible second wave finished, you would have to be reduced this figure significantly, warn scientists.

Gear up for the second wave

James Naismith of the University of Oxford said: “These Figures tell us that it is unlikely that we can eliminate the Virus before the Winter is out of the United Kingdom. The Virus has become global. Without a vaccine, we need to prepare ourselves that it will accompany us.”

Similarly, it also looks Hendrik Streeck, head of, in Germany, the Institute for Virology at the universitätsklinikum Bonn. In the ZDF talk show “Maybrit Illner” he said a few days ago: “I think we need to abandon this idea that we can get rid of the Virus somehow completely out of society.” It will be part of our everyday life, “and we need to start confidently to deal with it.”

In his view, the Virus will flare up in the future and to increasing Infection. “I expect that there will be a second, third wave,” says Streeck. This continuous “On – and Abwabern” is generally typical of all corona viruses.

Sources: The Times, Daily Mail, ITV, the Telegraph

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