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In an exclusive conversation with PEOPLE surrounding the release, The Voice coach said the song reflects how he's been feeling with his rocker girlfriend amid the pandemic.

"An Okie boy and a California girl look on paper like an unlikely match, but what matters is she's a great human being," Shelton raved of Stefani. "She is the most understanding, kindhearted person I've ever met and I learn something from her every day."

Over the last few months, the couple have been holed up in Shelton's cherished Tishomingo ranch — and they've been taking advantage of a little more free time in their schedules.

"The simple pleasure of being together in one place for an extended period of time has been a real gift," Shelton told PEOPLE. "We cook, we clean, we ride four-wheelers and we just enjoy being with each other and with family."

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