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So you’re the parent of a preschooler. Congrats and bless you, especially in this year of our strained sanity that is 2020. If you haven’t already been sucked into the wild and wonderful world of Mighty Express by now — well, where have you been? The kids show is Netflix’s (and the creators of PAW Patrol‘s) answer for the next generation of little train lovers. And the Mighty Express Christmas special, which drops December 5, well, is sure to be a fast favorite. Because if there’s anything kids love more than trains, adventures, and special missions, it’s trains, adventures, special missions, and Santa Claus.

But you don’t have to take my word for it. In fact, I would hope you wouldn’t, seeing as I’m a boring 35-year-old grown-up who has no particular interest in trains or special missions, and I’m over here still trying to keep the PAW Patrol characters’ straight in my Mom Brain and have zero brainroom for trains (or children? or train children?) named Freight Nate, Mechanic Milo, and Farmer Faye.

But do you know who does have the time, and the brain room, and the glowing reverence and adoration of all things trains? Four-year-olds. Particularly mine. His name is Silas, and he has reviewed the entire Mighty Express Christmas special just to give you a sneak peek of why, exactly, it’s the greatest thing since PAW Patrol.

Here’s what he told me is so great about Mighty Express: A Mighty Christmas. (I may have translated some of his rave review oh-so slightly into grownupspeak.)

1. Trains, duh


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2. Mail! Mail! Mail!

3. Life lessons about teamwork


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4. Talking trains who are friends with talking animals

Who are all friends with kids, too, of course. BTW the series’ setting, Tracksville, is an imaginary town in an imaginary universe in which kids, trains and animals run the world and human adults do not exist — well, until this episode, it appears. Because, Santa! But anyway, it’s a magical land where anything goes; including trains in hats and birds in vests.

5. Good old-fashioned kid comedy

Last but certainly not least, the episode (and the series in general) offers plenty of quirky characters, safe slapstick, and of course that unique brand of circumstantial wackiness that kids just love.

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