A Doctor Explains Exactly What Holding in Your Poop Does to Your Body

It’s the kind of nightmare situation everybody finds themselves in at one point or another. You really need to go to the bathroom—and it’s a number two—but you can’t. Maybe you’re stuck in back-to-back Zoom meetings, or you’re on a long car journey with no rest stops in sight. At a certain point of holding it in, the urge to […]

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You’ve had your vaccine, what can you safely do now?

The U.S. COVID-19 vaccination program is proceeding apace, with more than one-fifth of adult Americans having received at least one dose and eligibility opening up for everyone by May 1, under orders from President Joe Biden. That means the fully vaccinated now have one pressing question: What can I do now that I haven’t been able to do before? In […]

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Lesson Learned! What Lindsay Arnold ‘Underestimated’ With Her Diaper Bag

Living and learning! Lindsay Arnold revealed what she wasn’t aware of prior to becoming a mother to daughter Sage and how she is using her baby diaper bag to help her prepare. Lindsay Arnold’s Baby Bump Album: See the Dancer’s Pregnancy Pics “One thing that I completely underestimated was how many diapers your baby is going to go through,” Arnold, […]

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