Why Can't I Get Pregnant? 12 Reasons You'll Definitely Want To Consider

Trying for a baby can feel like a full-time job. And sometimes, no matter how many tricks you try (tracking your cycle religiously, ovulation strips, zeroing in on your nutrition), you still might find that you’re not getting pregnant. The thing is, there are so many health- and lifestyle-related factors that go into getting pregnant: your ovulation schedule, your partner’s […]

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Ariel Winter Reveals She Doesn't Want to Lose Any More Weight

Ready to get ripped! Ariel Winter doesn’t want to lose any more pounds after undergoing a drastic weight loss that left fans concerned. In an interview with Women’s Health published on Wednesday, October 30, the Modern Family star, 21, said that she’s working on getting a “big butt” and “Michelle Obama arms” through strength training sessions. It’s a goal that […]

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I'm Terrified Becoming a Mom Will Make Me Want to Kill Myself

Confession: I’ve never taken care of anyone beside myself (and saying I take care of myself well, is a stretch). I’m a 20-something-year-old with no children, pets, nieces or nephews, and I grew up an only child. I never babysat or looked after anyone. The only thing I’ve mommed in my life is a Tamagotchi. And spoiler alert: It died. […]

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