6 months after New Zealand’s first COVID-19 case, it’s time for a more strategic approach

Today marks six months since New Zealand’s first COVID-19 case was identified on February 26. So far New Zealand has been largely in reactive mode, initially during the first elimination stage which finished in early June and now in response to the ongoing Auckland outbreak. Given the vigorous response to controlling this current cluster, we have a good chance of […]

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‘In a crisis like this, an antiviral drug could buy us some time’

Francesco Stellacci, a professor in EPFL’s School of Engineering, discusses his research in the field of nanomedicine and how it could help us get past the coronavirus crisis. As the COVID-19 outbreak rages on, researchers are in a race against the clock to find some way to combat the coronavirus. Francesco Stellacci, the professor who heads the Supramolecular Nano-Materials and […]

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