What is Pulpitis?

Pulpitis is a dental condition which results in an inflamed dental pulp. The dental pulp is the innermost and vital part of the tooth structure, which is supplied by the blood vessels, and which contains odontoblast cells, interstitial fluid, fibroblasts, and ground substances. Tooth injury due to dental caries is among the primary reasons for the onset of pulpitis. Skip […]

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How to look after your teeth this Christmas and avoid 'prosecco smile'

Around the festive period, it’s standard fare to have a glass (or two, or three) of bubbly. However, a hangover isn’t the only thing you have to worry about if you have too much of the fizzy stuff – with a term called ‘prosecco smile’ being popularised by dentists over the last few years. Dr Mervyn Druian, from the London […]

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