The Real Reason You Shouldn’t Buy Extension Cords At Dollar General

Depending on where you live, there’s a good chance you regularly pass a Dollar General store. According to Supermarket News, the brand of small footprint stores experienced tremendous growth in 2020. The company operates at least 17,177 stores across 46 states, making it a well-recognized brand for most people.  These neighborhood stores offer a wide variety of low-cost options on […]

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The Real Reason COVID-19 Has Been So Concerning For The Opioid Epidemic

In addition to the physical toll taken by COVID-19, it’s been wreaking havoc on everyone’s mental health. Frontline workers may have borne the brunt of the stress, but even the fortunate ones who worked from home and didn’t have friends or family members seriously ill with the virus still experienced an unprecedented interruption in life as we once knew it. […]

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The real reason Bumble is such a hit

With 82 percent of singles turning to online dating since the onset of COVID-19 (via, even celebs such as Riverdale‘s Charles Melton are getting in on the action on apps like Bumble. As the actor explained to Elite Daily, “it’s helped me stay connected amid everything going on in the world right now.” While the prospect of matching with […]

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