10 things to know for those who going to fill their first tattoo

Today, tattooing is making a huge number of people. For some this is a way of expression, for others it’s a protest and a challenge to society, third is art and beauty. In each of these cases, it is important to understand that it’s not an easy cosmetic procedure. So, what you need to know before you visit a tattoo […]

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Dog Detects Cancer in Owner Before Doctors—How Is That Even Possible?

It’s no secret dogs are spectacular sniffers, but one pup has proven their sense of smell might be even more extraordinary than we thought. Sierra the Siberian Husky was able to detect the scent of her owner’s cancer before doctors were able to identify the disease. Stephanie Herfel, of Wisconsin, had been dealing with abdominal pain when her new pup Sierra (pictured […]

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Scientists have found the product to burn calories in your sleep

Curd is good for metabolism during night time, say scientists at the University of Florida, reports the British Journal of Nutrition. They conducted an experiment on people over the age of 20. On the instructions of the experts, the respondents for the hour before bedtime eat a portion of cottage cheese. As a result, people have improved metabolism, overall health, […]

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