This is how we can improve response to the next pandemic

To Richard M. Carpiano, a pandemic is just as much of a social science issue as it is a medical one. A professor of public policy and sociology at the University of California, Riverside, Carpiano specializes in public health and medical sociology, analyzing how various social factors impact population health around the world. Carpiano began studying trends in vaccine uptake […]

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New York opens traffic-clogged streets to people during pandemic, the city’s latest redesign in times of dramatic change

On some normally congested New York City streets, cars are gone, replaced by diners tentatively returning to restaurants—though only outside—after months of lockdown. On June 22, the city entered phase two of reopening after its severe coronavirus outbreak, allowing many businesses to resume operations with restrictions. Permitting restaurants to spread into streets is one of several pandemic-induced initiatives designed to […]

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Researcher on the rise of ageism during the pandemic

When COVID-19 first emerged and began to spread, there was a rush to identify common characteristics shared by those infected. Geographic location, lifestyle and pre-existing health conditions were all early candidates for a distinguishing factor that would help predict who would be most susceptible. It soon emerged that advanced age was likely a contributing factor in being vulnerable to the […]

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