Kendra and More Pregnant Duggar Sisters Showing Baby Bumps Over the Years

Bumping along! The pregnant Duggar sisters haven’t been shy about showing their baby bumps over the years. During her first pregnancy, Abbie Duggar (née Burnett) and her husband, John David Duggar, also opened up about the symptoms she was experiencing ahead of their little one’s arrival. “It hit her hard, and she was down for probably seven weeks with severe […]

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Children prioritize what they hear over what they see when gauging emotional aspects of their experience

The Colavita visual dominance effect is a psychological observation named after Francis B. Colavita, the psychologist who first gathered evidence of its existence in 1974. Colavita observed that when human adults are presented with visual stimuli and other sensory stimuli (e.g., tactile or auditory) at the same time, they respond more to the visual stimuli and often fail to respond […]

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