Scientists modify CAR-T cells to target multiple sites on leukemia cells

In a new pre-clinical study published this week in the journal Leukemia, the research team of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles investigator Hisham Abdel-Azim, MD, MS, worked with colleagues to engineer T-cells to identify and target multiple sites on acute lymphoblastic leukemia cells instead of just one. The early collaboration points the way to future clinical trials to test the therapy. […]

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McDonald's, Tesco, Lidl and more have tape on the floor to encourage distancing

If you’ve been out lately (don’t unless you really have to – stay home as much as you can!), you may have noticed some markings on the floor. Whether you’re popping out for essentials or for a quick bite because there’s nothing in stores, you might have seen tape around some of your usual faves. It’s very important you pay […]

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8 tips on what to tell your kids about coronavirus

As the number of new cases of coronavirus infection continue to rise the impact is now being felt in schools in Australia. At least four closed due to students and a staff member testing positive for the virus. Most international travel by Queensland students is also banned. It’s therefore important for parents to be there for their children to ease […]

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