Researchers now better understand ovarian cancer tumors and treatment outcomes

After nearly four years of work, a group of researchers and clinicians from the University of Colorado (CU) published a paper this week in the Clinical Cancer Research that shares findings from research looking at how the composition of ovarian cancer tumors changes during chemotherapy and contributes to therapeutic response. While the standard of care consisting of surgery and chemotherapy […]

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What we know now about COVID-19: Recovery is hard, masks help, children can be carriers and more

It’s been more than seven months since China first reported a cluster of unexplained cases of pneumonia, and we’re still learning how the novel coronavirus spreads and what we can do to defeat it. The situation with COVID-19 is both better and worse than we knew a few months ago, because many people experience mild symptoms and some report no […]

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Who hasn’t heard of COVID-19 by now? More than you think

A half-year into the most momentous pandemic in decades, it’s hard to imagine that anyone, anywhere has not heard of the coronavirus. But scores of migrants arriving in Somalia tell United Nations workers every day that they are unaware of COVID-19. Monitors for the U.N. migration agency interview people at the border in Somalia, a crossroads on one of the […]

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