Here’s what we know about CTE, the brain condition that affected Danny Frawley

News emerged this week former AFL footballer Danny Frawley was suffering from a brain disease called CTE when he died last year, according to reports received by the Victorian Coroner. Chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE, refers to changes in the brain that have been linked to repeated blows to the head, sometimes seen in former players of sports such as […]

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What we know now about COVID-19: Recovery is hard, masks help, children can be carriers and more

It’s been more than seven months since China first reported a cluster of unexplained cases of pneumonia, and we’re still learning how the novel coronavirus spreads and what we can do to defeat it. The situation with COVID-19 is both better and worse than we knew a few months ago, because many people experience mild symptoms and some report no […]

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Scientists want to know more about using UV light to fight COVID-19 spread

By Will Stone, Kaiser Health News High up near the ceiling, in the dining room of his Seattle-area restaurant, Musa Firat recently installed a “killing zone” — a place where swaths of invisible electromagnetic energy penetrate the air, ready to disarm the coronavirus and other dangerous pathogens that drift upward in tiny, airborne particles. Firat’s new system draws on a […]

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