Gynecologists Are the New 'It Girls' of Instagram

It’s safe to say we’re sick of sifting through post after post advertising the too-good-to-be-true benefits of products like flat tummy tea, trendy hair vitamins and dietary supplements. The last year saw a spike in celebrities and wellness influencers pushing holistic health products, like Gwyneth Paltrow’s recent rebrand of her lifestyle site, Goop, that sells all sorts of bizarre and […]

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Justin Bieber has Lyme disease – this is what makes the disease so insidious

A disease is a very private matter. Pop star Justin Bieber has decided to go with his Suffering to the Public. As the 25-Year-old on Instagram writes, he is on Lyme disease sick. He was in last time again and again, he’ll take drugs such as Crystal Meth. In fact, he had had to contend with a disease. “Recently, for […]

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This Influencer Is Opening About Sex During Pregnancy in Topless Instagram Photo

Pregnancy sends a woman's hormones into overdrive, and that can cause her libido to go through the roof for nine months. But not every woman has this experience, and Australian influencer Elise Knowles has started a conversation to normalize that. On Tuesday, Knowles shared a topless selfie on Instagram, showing off her pregnant belly. The photo undoubtedly caught followers' eyes, but it was her caption […]

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