Explainer: what’s the new coronavirus saliva test, and how does it work?

A cornerstone of containing the COVID-19 pandemic is widespread testing to identify cases and prevent new outbreaks emerging. This strategy is known as “test, trace and isolate”. The standard test so far has been the swab test, in which a swab goes up your nose and to the back of your throat. But an alternative method of specimen collection, using […]

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OM85: How bacteria in a capsule could protect us from coronavirus and other respiratory infections

Scientists around the world are continuing to test countless vaccines and drugs in the hope of finding effective ways to prevent and treat COVID-19. Among the trials happening in Australia is one my team is about to begin, looking at something called OM85. OM85 is not a conventional drug, but a combination of molecules extracted from the walls of bacteria […]

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How to minimise risk and protest safely during a pandemic

Covid-19 is still incredibly dangerous, and social distancing needs to be taken very seriously – but for many, racism is also a matter of life and death. We are at a point where it has become vital to speak out – loudly and persistently – against police brutality and racial injustice. And attending protests can be an effective way to […]

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