A Mom of 6 Explains Why She’s In a ‘Vulnerable State’ After Getting Potentially Cancerous Moles Removed From Her Face

Rachel Bennett's moles were a part of who she was. "They were like my birthmark, my trademark, something that made me significantly different looking than other people, and I absolutely loved them," she tells Health. So in late January, when the 38-year-old social media influencer and mother of six got the moles on her face removed so that they could […]

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Getting under your skin: Molecular research builds new understanding of skin regeneration

As the air continues to dry and temperatures drop, the yearly battle against dry hands and skin has officially begun. New research from Northwestern University has found new evidence deep within the skin about the mechanisms controlling skin repair and renewal. Skin’s barrier function gives it the unique ability to fight winter woes and retain water for our bodies. The […]

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