I’m needed, so I’m there! Cult pub in St. Pauli is to the soup kitchen

Daniel Schmidt: “the soup today is a bit later…who wants a hot meal will have to wait a half hour longer. OK?” Daniel Schmidt and his elbschloss Keller, you know on the Hamburg “Kiez”. Both of them are cult. However, the red light in the neighbourhood was switched off, the elbschloss Keller completed the first time ever – no Sex, […]

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10.999 or 12.327 Covid-19-cases? 20 or 28 Dead? As the Numbers comes from the confusion

Numbers give orientation. How strong Covid-19-cases to rise in consequence of Coronavirus infection in Germany? How many people have died? How many tested positive? All of this is not only for virologists and decision-makers is important, but is also interested in the people in the country. Confusion Coronavirus Numbers But Numbers can also confuse and unsettle. For example, if there […]

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