District administrator Sven-Georg Adenauer wants to present Tönnies the bill

The meat company, Tönnies will pay for the damage it has caused. The district of Gütersloh, Sven-Georg Adenauer said on Tuesday. How high is the damage sum is not excessive, but it is still open. O-TON, SVEN-GEORG ADENAUER, LANDRAT OF GUETERSLOH: “Mr Tönnies has declared that it is prepared to assume the costs for the testing. But the cover is […]

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From Australia to Portugal: These countries have access again to the Lockdown

With the onset of the Corona-pandemic and the rising infection and death, many countries have introduced figures of worldwide regulations in order to curb the spread of the Virus. Often these rules in a Lockdown, so a shutdown of the Public resulted. Such as Restaurants, Bars, gyms, and schools were closed. In some countries, was even a bit of shopping […]

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Measured doses: Corona-the quarantine has been reduced from 14 days to just a good week

The necessary quarantine time at the Coronavirus Sars-CoV-2 is clearly shorter than previously thought, according to an Interview given by the Berlin virologist Christian Drosten of the news magazine “mirror”. Contacts of infected people would have to Drosten, therefore, “not more 14 days, but only a good week” in quarantine. The virologist will appoint for two reasons: the incubation time […]

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