Role of birth order on career choice might have been overestimated in previous research

In a new study that could turn what we know about birth order upside down, a University of Houston researcher has found that the role of birth order on career types, occupational creativity and status attainment might have been overestimated in previous research. The only finding that replicated previous research was a small effect of birth order on educational attainment, […]

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Mid-levels of immune marker at birth may protect against autism

Researchers at Karolinska Institutet have investigated the association between certain immune markers in neonates and the risk of later developing autism spectrum disorder (ASD). They found that mid-levels of a classical marker of inflammation, C-reactive protein, were associated with the lowest risk for ASD—whereas too much or not enough were linked to increased risk. The study is published in the […]

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Anne Hathaway Confirms Her 2nd Son Jack's Name Nearly 1 Year After Birth

Life with Jack! Anne Hathaway confirmed her second son’s name nearly one year after his December 2019 birth. Anne Hathaway’s Best Motherhood Quotes: ‘Mommy Guilt Is Nonsense’ “Jack’s big enough to wrestle with, and that’s brought a new element to their relationship that’s really cute,” the actress, 37, told Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest on Monday, October 26, of the […]

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