Dr NICK SUMMERTON reveals crisis has tested our GPs as never before

Diary of a GP on the front line: Coronavirus victims coughing all over the surgery, patients demanding sick notes, and the trials of diagnosing care home residents by iPad… Dr NICK SUMMERTON reveals the crisis has tested our GPs as never before Learn more about how to help people impacted by COVID How is the pandemic affecting general practice, the […]

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Scientists developing COVID-19 test that knows you’re sick before you do

Imagine a test that could tell you if you were infected with COVID-19 before you had a single symptom, came at an affordable price without the need to go to a doctor, and returned results in minutes. Those who tested positive could swiftly quarantine themselves, while those who tested negative could head to work or spend time with family without […]

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Diabetes before or during pregnancy linked to early heart disease in children

Children of mothers with diabetes have increased rates of early onset cardiovascular disease or CVD (conditions affecting the heart or blood vessels) from childhood up to the age of 40, finds a study from Denmark published by The BMJ today. The increased rates were more pronounced among children of mothers with a history of CVD or diabetic complications. If this […]

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