Genetic tool can identify Asian women at higher risk of breast cancer

A genetic study in Asian women, led by Malaysian scientists in collaboration with Singapore and the University of Cambridge, has revealed that a genetic tool developed to help assess breast cancer risk in European women also works in Asian women. This could help address the rising incidence of breast cancer in Asia. The tool, called a Polygenic Risk Score (PRS), […]

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Get a proper chair, don’t eat at your desk, and no phones in the loo: How to keep your home workspace safe and hygienic

The onset of COVID-19 saw a dramatic shift, with many in the workforce suddenly finding themselves working from home. As hashtags sprung up on social media documenting makeshift work-from-home setups, it rapidly became evident that for many workers, their new improvised workspace fell well short of ideal. Far from having a separate home office, it emerged many employees didn’t even […]

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Immunity check at sporting events could ensure safety of those attending: report

Coronavirus pandemic forces doctors on the front lines to become inventors Doctors share new COVID-19 treatment methods, practices over social media, podcasts. When sports finally emerge from their slumber, one physician believes proof of coronavirus immunity can eventually be a way to ensure the safety of those who attend certain arenas. Dr. Kumanan Wilson, a physician at a hospital in […]

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