What You Should Really Know About Natural Toothpaste

Fluoride has had a tough few years in the press. With various studies showing health concerns and people deciding to remove products that contain the chemical, natural toothpaste options have popped up in most drug stores. As many people are opting for organic, chemical-free self-care products and foods, natural toothpaste is certainly a byproduct of this movement. However, many have […]

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A human gene placed in fruit flies reveals details about a human developmental disorder

Meier-Gorlin syndrome, or MGS, is a rare genetic developmental disorder that causes dwarfism, small ears, a small brain, missing patella and other skeletal abnormalities. In severe cases, MGS results in miscarriages and stillbirths. Igor Chesnokov, Ph.D., and his University of Alabama at Birmingham colleagues study this recessive, autosomal disorder in an unusual way—by placing mutant human genes into fruit flies. […]

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What can smartphone location data tell us about the pandemic?

Kevin Williams, an associate professor of economics at Yale SOM, was in the middle of a study of consumer retail behavior using real-time cell phone location data when COVID-19 hit. Shelter-in-place orders rolled across the country. Foot traffic at stores froze. “If you thought the retail apocalypse looked bad a few years ago, that is likely small potatoes compared to […]

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