You want to lose weight? These five diet mistakes you should avoid

Mistake 1: salads are always a healthy choice

“Salad” is in Germany a very flexible term. The salad bars in supermarkets and Restaurants often contain cold pasta dishes with oily sauces or finely chopped sausages with Onion slices. This is not at all healthy and has the idea of a salad with little in common.

Some salads, such as the so-called “Caesar Salad” may look fresh, green and healthy, but also provide plenty of calories and hidden fats. Caution is required especially in the case of white dressing sauces: they usually contain a lot of Oil and/or Mayonnaise and can turn a supposedly healthy Portion of salad in a delicious main dish. Also Croutons, strips of bacon, or Parmesan screw the calorie content of a salad neatly in the height.

Tip: Compare the nutritional value of salad dressings. Balsamic-variants are generally lighter than white Dressings. It is even better if you mix in the Dressing itself – for example, fresh lemon juice, olive oil, a little mustard, honey, salt and pepper. With Toppings, you should sparingly.