Why weight blankets for anxiety and sleep can help disorders

Millions of people sleep poorly: in Germany Alone, suffers every tenth economically active sub-sleep disturbance – out of a DAK-health report shows. In the course of “insomnia” a sleep of the person Concerned or by the, but the sleep itself is perceived as not restful. And the consequences are serious: the increasing insomnia are many of the workers during the day, duration, tired and exhausted, what not only in your performance reflects, but also in your health. It is all the more important to have a healthy sleep, you can promote, for example, by using a weight ceiling. But also anxiety and stress, patients can of the therapy blanket benefit.

What weight are the ceilings?

In the therapeutic sector weight will cover longer applied, but also away from medical treatments to gain the therapy to cover more and more importance. The reason for this is the calming effect of the Cover on the body, by the self-weight is raised. Because, unlike normal duvets are in the weight of the cover is a durable, hypoallergenic and non-toxic glass beads or plastic beads, the Inside sewn in are. Thus, they are heavier and exert a low pressure on the autonomic nervous system. In clear text this means: The weight has a similar effect on your entire body like a warm hug. But how can the weight of blankets then in the case of anxiety and sleep disorders, or even depression help?

How do weight cover?

Studies have shown that a uniform pressure on the body stimulates our autonomic nervous system. More specifically, the “Deep touch pressure”effect, a calming and relaxing effect on our body. The explanation is simple: Due to the deep pressure of a hug was comparable to the serotonin production stimulated the secretion of “happiness hormone”. It not only affects the cortisol levels (stress hormones), but gives you a feeling of inner peace, safety and Serenity. Your joints, muscles and Tendons to relax, allowing feelings of anxiety, Stress, and grief will be reduced.

And that’s not all: The sleep hormone Melatonin, which is our day-night rhythms controls, is made from Serotonin produced. By the serotonin release is also increased Melatonin in the body is produced – which, in turn, lead to that we fall asleep faster can. And that is exactly the effect that you want to achieve weight cover. So at least the theory, since “the Melatonin must only once in the brain, arrive,” says Martin Keck, Director of the clinic of the Max-Planck-Institute for psychiatry in Munich. “It is not given automatically just because the body may produce more Serotonin.” For this reason, he keeps the studies, with some Cover providers advertise, is not very meaningful, as he told the süddeutsche.

The same effect you use in the Rest of the even with screaming babies: the Puckmethode, so the firm Wrapping in a cloth, children feel safe and born, as once in the womb. The same principle apply to therapy blankets on, only that they are adults, anxiety and sleep disorders should help. And yet all of the diseases in which weight blankets.

For whom the weight of cover are suitable?

Basically, weight blankets for children as well as for adults, when it comes to the own body perception to improve. For people who are always very tense and not of mind, offer to cover the heavy Blankets a sensible Alternative to ordinary bed. For this reason, the Therapy not only for the treatment of anxiety and sleep disorders, but also in other diseases, the inner turmoil of worry used, such as:

Here, too, can the weight of ceilings, with their deep pressure to help the Concerned, those of satisfaction and security to offer you in everyday life sometimes is missing.

Weight cover buy: What you need to know

Before you choose a model, it is know that the weight of the ceiling only a tenth of their body weight (i.e., 10 percent) account for should. Depending on the manufacturer, the models weigh between four and twelve kilogram so if you weigh, for example, plus or minus 70 kilograms, you should weigh the weight of the ceiling to seven kilograms. So you can be sure that the model is too hard for you, but, nevertheless, the desired effect is achieved. “Weight blankets for sleep disorders super, because they have a soothing effect”, confirmed the sleeping-Coach Christine Lenz in Nuremberg, but also have to bear in mind: “However, should the heavy Blankets for the sleep phase to be used and not for the whole night, because otherwise our night-time movements to be disturbed.” Furthermore, you should note when purchasing, the following important points:

Weight of the cover must not necessarily only to fall Asleep used to be, but can also during the day contribute to the quality of life to improve. In particular, if you are under anxiety, suffering.

For people suffering from breathing or circulatory problems, suffering, weight cover, unfortunately, is not suitable – and if, then only in consultation with a doctor. This also applies to children under the age of five.

Due to their high quality and longevity, weight cover your price. Depending on the manufacturer, the cost models to be between 60 and 300 euros – where the lower Ceilings, the expensive in no way inferior to.

Most of the Ceilings are kept simple, many models are grey or blue. However, you have the opportunity, the weight of the ceiling with ordinary linens to relate the sizes are the same.

Usually the weight of the blankets made of 100 percent cotton, so they can normally be washed. Nevertheless, you should always look at the label of the producer – he recommended a special wash, you should stick to it.

Source: RTL / Süddeutsche Zeitung

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