Why Pets the elderly good for

According to a survey by Pets, the elderly often help to be with mental and physical health problems. About half of the adults between the ages of 50 and 80 years of age to have a pet. More than three-quarters of pet owners reported that they felt for their animals, less Stress, and almost as many said that Pets gave their lives meaning.

More than half of pet owners have purchased their pet to have a companion. "Relationships with Pets are generally less complicated than that of the people, and Pets are often a great joy. They give the elderly the feeling of being needed and loved werden", Mary Janevic of the School of Public Health said. Sixty-five percent of pet owners said that their pet facilitates social ties to other people.

Two-thirds of all pet owners and 78 percent of dog owners said their pet helps them to be physically active. Janevic noted, however: "More activity through walking or other aspects of animal care for the elderly is almost always a good thing. But the risk of a fall, is for many a real Problem. Six percent of the respondents indicated that they were overthrown by your pet or were injured." More than 70 percent of older adults reported that their pet will help them to cope with physical or mental problems better, and 46 percent were of the opinion that the animal was relieved of her pain.

More than half of the pet owners said that a pet is more difficult to enjoy travel or leisure activities outside the home. At 18 percent of the animal friends, the pet also burdened the Budget.Every Sixth even said, to put the needs of his pet’s before their own health needs.

Reasons for older adults not to purchase a pet were, among others, that you are not tied down wanted to be, time or lack of money, as well as allergies. The survey 2.051 adults aged 50 to 80 years participated.


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