Why a peanut Allergy and was allergic to – without a peanut eaten

The 29-Year-old came in for evaluation in the Allergy clinic Borstel. A few days previously, he had suffered a severe allergic shock. He reacted strongly to peanuts, he knew since his Childhood. Only he was not aware of it in any Form eaten. “The Patient was called in to take some Blood, because he took us to a peanut Allergy study,” says Uta Jappe, head of laboratory at the research center Borstel and head of the Bay of lübeck Allergy clinic at the University hospital of Schleswig-Holstein.

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She remembers how the man called shortly before the appointment concerned: His face was swollen, and he had hardly get air. He had, apparently, reacts strongly to something, probably ice cream. “I asked him to put me on the phone just the list of ingredients to read. After that, I had a suspicion,” said Jappe.

A few days later, the Patient came to the clinic, gave more blood samples and brought the remnants of the suspicious package. It was a vegan vanilla ice cream without a hint of peanuts. In the laboratory, extracts from the Eis have been investigated and the blood samples of the man with different allergens brought into contact. The Tests showed that the ice contained in the fact of all the genes, the man had responded – but not from peanuts, but from Lupin.

Popular ingredient poses risks for people with allergies

A colorful assortment of lupine products that has taken in the last few years, Bio – and supermarkets: Pasta, pastries, patties, Tofu, cottage cheese, yogurt or candy with flour or protein from Lupin seeds. Especially the blue Lupine is used in the food production, because it is quite disease resistant. Vegans will appreciate their high-quality protein in the meat, athletes hope to gain from your muscle building. Protein from lupins is added to milk and lactose-free ice cream, but it is produced, unlike soy protein, GMO-free, and thus also for agricultural critic edible. The hook: lupins include such as peanuts and soy beans to the sleeve fruit of learning, and contain similarly structured proteins. Therefore, you can trigger an Allergy.

According to a study by the Robert Koch Institute, four percent of the adults in Germany are considered to be sensitized to Lupin. Possibly, but there are more: “A part of the peanut Allergy suffers without knowing it also an Allergy to Lupine. A lot of Lupin Allergy in fall also late. Presumably, then, if you change as adults, their diet and all of a sudden more Lupin products consume,” says Uta Jappe. This applies, for example Vegans, but also to celiac patients is that they are often on breads and cookies with Lupin flour in contrast to wheat baked goods contain no Gluten. Also for milk protein and wheat Allergy are offered the exchange of products with Lupin protein.

Since 2007, the Plant must be declared on all food as an Allergen. A labelling can, however, protect only the knowledge that you have a Problem. Therefore, for example, peanut Allergy sufferers should be made aware of cross-allergies, Uta Jappe. To be able to have a cross-Allergy to Lupine safely exclude, should be consumed under medical supervision Lupine (oral provocation testing). “Hardly anyone lupins has been as an Allergen on the label. The majority of thinking, still more of the pretty blue flower from the garden.”

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