Warning signal for cancer and impotence: In the case of these symptoms in the testicle you need to see a doctor!

Problems with the testes occur frequently and can affect boys in puberty. Just then testicular pain are mostly harmless at all. What men in all ages should pay attention to, so that the fertility is maintained and testicular cancer is not discovered too late.

In addition to the Penis, the testicles are germ-the most important sexual organs of the man glands. The two testicles, or Testes, with their narrow epididymis, the above are rooted in them, hang from the spermatic cord, in the scrotum (the scrotum) is well palpable and movable. They produce the seeds, which are then stored in the epididymis until the next ejaculation, as well as the men hormone testosterone.

The size of the testicles says nothing about masculinity

Thus the proverb of the “big balls” and the pronounced masculinity? “No, the volume of the testicles cannot be traced back to the testosterone crowd”, provides private clear lecturer Tobias hunter, urologist and andrologist in Essen, member of the Board of the German society for men and health.

If the testicle by means of a fluid swelling (Hydrocele)

A testicular change was the case even up to two percent of all newborn boys: a collection of fluid in the testicles (Hydrocele or hydrocele), clearly visible through the scrotum and swelling. Cause is a connection between the scrotum and the abdomen, which has not closed yet. Therefore, fluid from the abdominal cavity can enter the scrotum and collect.

Usually degrades after a few weeks, and closes the connection, of course. Later in the life of the channel can open, however (again), triggers heavy Lifting is often, “so, like the inguinal hernia,” explains the urologist. Treatment: The fluid can be surgically draining, then the testis sheath is not sealed in such a manner that it comes back to a swelling.

Varicose veins (varicocele), usually in the left testicle

Also with swelling of the varicose veins go hand in hand in this area. Five percent of Teens and 15 percent of adult men have varicose veins, a varicocele, the medical name for the testicles. Is usually affects the left side because the blood vessel in this, the majority of men with lower hanging testicles, anatomically due to an unfavorable angle of the vein is exposed, and thus easier to wear. There is a blood traffic jam in this vein complex, what appears to be varicose veins under the scrotal skin and the testicles rise.

With ultrasound, the urologist detects the severity of the varicocele. Must be treated, if the varicose veins are so pronounced, that the blood congestion leads to a higher temperature in the testicles. Then the fertility is in danger because the sperm die off. As you know, the testicles are temperature sensitive and are subject to an anatomical temperature regulation: it Is hot, hang the testicles of something deeper, i.e. further away from the body and thus cooler. It is cool, pull out the testicles automatically more to the body, so that the spermatozoa enjoy a similar optimum temperature.

The treatment of varicocele is in line with the common varicose vein treatment: The doctor obliterated them (sclerotherapy) or performs an Operation, when he ties the varicose vein below.

Nodes in the testes: the main Symptom of testicular cancer

Among all the pathological changes of the testes is liable to an alarm signal primarily, however, nodules or lumps. You can be the first signs of testicular cancer, the most common cancer of men between the ages of 16 and 30 years. The node does not hurt, but should be rapidly investigated by a urologist or andrologist.

The studies have shown that it is, in fact, testicular cancer, removed the affected testicle surgically. If there are already metastases, are also chemotherapy and possible radiation necessary. “However, testicular cancer is today almost in all stages of cure,” says Tobias hunter.


Men should make changes to the testicles as a safety precaution, always by a urologist to check. In the case of severe pain (suspected testicular torsion) is even timely medical treatment is important. In order to detect testicular cancer as early as possible, recommend the specialists that every man examined at least once in the month of his testicles for changes, and scans. Because for every disease of the testicle, there are target-oriented and successful therapies, also help to maintain the fertility. And if and epididymis removed testicles had to be, the other testicle is healthy, you can witness the man still children.

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Warning signal for cancer, and impotence – a warning sign for cancer and impotence: In the case of these symptoms in the testicle you need to see a doctor!

Problems with the testicles are common and can affect boys in puberty. Just then testicular pain are mostly harmless at all. What men in all ages should pay attention to, so that the fertility is maintained and testicular cancer is not discovered too late.

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