“Views of the late Triumph”: What Merz drives for Merkel to run for a successor

Now, Friedrich Merz, has thrown his hat in the Ring as the new CDU party Chairman and successor to Angela Merkel. 16 years ago he lost his Post as a Faction leader of the Union. Also, the desire for a Triumph over his former rival, is behind the planned Comeback in politics? FOCUS Online has asked a psychologist.

FOCUS Online: Friedrich Merz is in the last nine years, very successfully as a business lawyer, Multi-Supervisory Board and Lobbyist. Why in the world would want to man a probably millions of serious business as he is back in politics, and as CDU party Chairman of a candidate? Could put the Craving for a late satisfaction to Merkel behind it?

Alina Wilms: I guess Merz as a people, in the policy part of his identity. Of course, the prospect of luring him to a late Triumph over Merkel by overwriting their political legacies with the signature Merz and so, finally, the narcissistic sting from the lost election of 2002.

About the expert

Alina Wilms, a Ph. D. psychologist who has studied in London and Oxford. In addition to her specialization as a trauma expert, she coaches personalities from business, politics and sports.

FOCUS Online: a Purely psychological point of view: What would be a new defeat of his application to the party presidency for Merz mean?

Wilms: Merz is a business lawyer, also before, during and after his political career First to be a leg to stand on as a lawyer and business Manager maintained and expanded. As a result, he has to lose and seemingly nothing to do, so that even a renewed political defeat, would give him a soft case. His time as a self-employed shows that he can politically let go, while Merkel for the last four legislative periods clutching the scepter tightly.

FOCUS Online: so you suspected, Merz would be a second big defeat in the policy handle can?

Wilms: I think the first defeat Merz personally very taken. But he is a smart man. He has ensured that he received this time a candidacy is not a large risk. In a further defeat, he would not fall in a vacuum. He has, in the meantime, other activities that absorb him. I think he has deliberately planned. If he loses as an outsider, it will be a surprise to anyone. He can then say: I wanted to change something, I offered, but it didn’t work out.

Of course, a professional is associated Failure with personal Failure. But Merz has got you covered, in order not to be losers, but as someone who is not been given the opportunity to do Good.

FOCUS Online: you Should be interest in the group’s presidency in fact, the desire for a late satisfaction sprung up be – how useful is such an Act from a psychological point of view?

Wilms: First of all, it means that the matter of then-psychologically, not yet overcome, that he has you over a long period of time around. He has been waiting for his Chance to strike and get out of the restraint. But I do not believe that the narcissist is insult of at the time, his only Motivation to run again now. The policy is to be playing field, it is part of his personality. If he has the opportunity to be in the foreseeable future Chancellor, will he take you also.

FOCUS Online: it Was Merz’s well-advised that his candidacy is exactly at this time to announce?

Wilms: Strategically, that was exactly the right Timing. He is now jumped, in a surprise move on the political stage, ironically, at a time when his opponents thought the candidate-Tableau was complete. This element of Surprise was only possible because he had disappeared from the political scene entirely, and now the seemingly immaculate Background visible again.

Was wise as well, let the rumor circulate that he could be a candidate, before he threw then, finally, even his hat in the Ring. So he could wait a little and see who is who as positioned, the political friend and foe, and to explore whether his candidacy would generate enough support.

FOCUS Online: What would you Friedrich Merz as a psychological Coach to recommend?

Wilms: Merz has an easy game. He needs to do nothing special. It is important to act now, thoughtless, self-made blunders, like we had to with other conservative politicians in the past year, to testify, to avoid looking ahead. A clear Position, self-confident of the own to take up space, coupled with a well-dosed, likable-lively body language is enough.

FOCUS Online: How do you explain, as a psychologist, that Merz is a particularly promising candidate might be, where he probably for Merkel, a No-Go candidate?

Wilms: the reason is, of all things, and paradoxically, with Angela Merkel in person. Election results and popularity statistics, and especially outrage, and hate speech on the Internet suggest that the incumbent German Chancellor has become the epitome of political Anti-Galeon figure. Who, if not ironically, the opponents of the outlaws, could cheer for the conservative voters more? Something is Amiss, we tend to people unconsciously, to excite us to the contrary, because we hope to heal this, all of the defects. We Germans tend to be Either-Or decisions. This is also a reason that the parties of the political middle, with a vague content, and a blurred profile are highly unpopular.

FOCUS Online: a Psychological point of view, how do you estimate the chances of Merz in comparison to Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, the already General Secretary of Angela Merkel sponsored and promoted?

Wilms: that is Exactly her broken leg. If you want to get rid of something, you decide not to exchange for something comparable. In the case of your voters would fear to get no significant change. Merkel should recommend you as a successor or prematurely delivered to you, would be the equal to a negative reference. That would be so, as anyone with a recommendation would apply to write to Donald Trump for a job as a refugee helper.

Because Kramp-Karrenbauer belonged while the fate of the time, Merkel and their political entourage, it is stained also negative. A Chance you had, would Merkel make to you and Kramp-Karrenbauer would distance themselves immediately is radically different from you: visually, body language, and in terms of political content, in order to prove that it is quite different.