This error occurs when tea could make you sick

In the morning it needs to go quickly. Since it may happen that the tea time only with steaming water is poured. Practically, this is, after all, So the do not need to cool down a hot drink long and can immediately be consumed.

According to information provided by the manufacturer, however, this is not a good idea. “Always with hot boiling water. Just so you get a safe and secure food”: one way or the other similar “warnings” on the packaging of herbal teas, and co. Many consumers wonder about the specification, since the tea is especially healthy food. What did you mean?

How come the germs in the tea?

The fact is that With the quality of the product, the note has nothing to do with it. “He is available on cheap and expensive products, and applies for the open tea and tea bags”, writes the consumer organization.

The note is rather due to the fact that it is tea is a natural product. In particular, in fruit and herbal teas can yeast according to the Federal Institute for risk assessment (BfR), bacteria, and fungi are. Unhealthy it’s not because the germs are in the environment, as well as everywhere. However, in rare cases-making are also sick of pathogens including, for example Salmonella or EHEC.

Tea is poured with warm water, it can be for small children and sick people to a health risk. Bubbly hot water in combination with a sufficiently long draw time to kill the pathogens and make them harmless. Properly prepared herbal and fruit infusions are, therefore, harmless.

Prepared tea for a few hours let stand

The BfR advises also to drink the infused tea as quickly as possible and not hours. Hot water kills all existing germs effective, contained spores can survive the heat, however, in warm water, germinate, and in the finished tea is spread out.

The water from hot water dispensers should not be used according to the BfR for the preparation of herbal or fruit teas. “This water usually has a temperature between 80° and 85° degrees Celsius. Thus, potentially, contained germs are not killed.”

Sources: Federal Institute for risk assessment (BfR) / Verbraucherzentrale Bayern

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